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Body in oil tank: Pierre dies of fumes, drowning    NGC to institute STOW    LNG supply run postponed by storm    New Fortress promises regular environmental monitoring of LNG marine terminal    Confusion over transfer of PBR passes for maxis    JPS finalises financing for 190MW LNG plant    CNG vehicle sales better than expected    TT lifestyle linked to oil $$    New Fortress Energy does more dredging    BHP begins Angostura production    |   
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  • Body in oil tank: Pierre dies of fumes, drowning
    The post-morten conducted on Curtis Pierre, whose body was retrieved from the bottom of a Petrotrin oil tank, found he died from inhaling toxic fumes and eventually drowned as he sank lower into the storage tank.
  • NGC to institute STOW
    The National Gas Company (NGC), is expected to institute mandatory STOW certification for all of its service providers from January 1, 2017.
  • LNG supply run postponed by storm
    The liquefied natural gas supplies destined for the power plant at Bogue in Montego Bay will be offloaded in the Portland Bight area and then ferried to the north coast, according to the Port Authority of Jamaica.
  • Confusion over transfer of PBR passes for maxis
    A misunderstanding at the launch of the first two Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) maxi taxis left several ‘Red Band’ maxi taxi owner/ operators worried about their ability to earn a living.
  • JPS finalises financing for 190MW LNG plant
    Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) says it has now secured financing for the 190 megawatt gas-fired power plant to be built at Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine, and is expected to move forward with the project within the next 60 to 90 days.
  • CNG vehicle sales better than expected
    Sales of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles have exceeded expectations so far this year, said Curtis Mohammed, president of National Gas Company (NGC). He said the company’s target to the end of August was 265 vehicles but as much as 346 vehicles have been sold in that time.
  • TT lifestyle linked to oil $$
    Economist Hayden Blades is warning that if this country does not figure out how to drive economic growth without oil, “it simply means we would be in for an unprecedented era of economic contractions that we can’t borrow our way out of.”
  • New Fortress Energy does more dredging
    Jamaica Public Service boss Kelly Tomblin believes that American firm New Fortress Energy can meet its end of September deadline to provide the light and power company with liquefied natural gas (LNG), even though infrastructural work is still being done.
  • BHP begins Angostura production
    BHP Billiton announced the start of production at its Angostura Phase 3 Project on September 16. The project, which is located offshore TT, is expected to deliver 2.8 million barrels of incremental oil and approximately 400 billion cubic feet of natural gas.
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